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      Anti-pinch Control Plan of Power Window

      With the progress of modern automobile electronic technology,traditional parts and assembly inside automobiles are developed to mechatronics. There are so many applications of electric equipment, which improves the comfort and raises new requirement for automobile safety.In order to make drivers and passengers convenient, a lot of automobile are installed with power windows.Many power windows are without anti-pinch function.During the normal lifting of power window, the control device will stop immediately once there is something pinched at any point and return to bottom dead center automatically.Then we need to cut down the power to release the pinched material and protect drivers and passengers.

      The so-called¡±Anti-pinch¡±is to make power window stop automatically or fall to prevent object(especially human body) from injuries when something is pinched to a certain force during the process of ascending.Only the ascending process needs anti-pinch control during the ascending and descending period of window.The defined anti-pinch area is 4-200mm from the highest position(top) of power window accessible ascending movement.

      The fundamental of power anti-pinch window is to add a group of current sensors, which are used to monitor motor speed.During the lifting of power window, sensors will consider foreign matter be pinched once the motor speed slows down.At this time, current-reversal makes power windows go down.At present,the technology to realize anti-pinch function is pressure sensing. Pressure sensing is using Hall devices to monitor the movement of window.When the moving window receives horizontal or positive pressure, it will bring bigger load to electric motor and increase the current rating in electric motor.When the current rating reaches a certain extent,the algorithm of this plan will consider the glass of power window meeting real resistance in ascending process.So it will give commands to require motor stopped or reversed to realize anti-pinch function effectively and reliably.


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